Fitness Class Descriptions



Available at Medina and The Heights

Effective group cycling workouts with varied routines

  • Great for all ages
  • Improve your physical and mental well-being
  • Pedal hard, have fun!

Dance Classes


Available at Medina and The Heights

A fun and action-packed workout with the latest dance tunes and some smokin' hot dance moves!

  • A real feel-good class
  • Varied routines and music styles
  • Friendly, welcoming environment


Available at Medina

The unique dance fitness programme that's so much fun you don't even realise you're getting fit!

  • Strictly come dancing!
  • A fitness class delivered through dance
  • Based around 12 most popular latin and ballroom dances


Available at Medina

The biggest dance fitness sensation since Zumba - GLOW HARD or go home!!

  • Glow Hard!
  • Classic dance tunes...
  • Lights out, disco on!!


Available at Medina and The Heights

Zumba is Spanish slang for 'move fast, have fun' - we guarantee both!

  • Sizzling latin beats and rhythms
  • Have fun whilst working hard
  • 15 million people a week can't be wrong...

Cardio / Tone Classes

20 / 20 / 20

Available at Medina and The Heights

If variety is the spice of life then 20/20/20 is the jalapeno of fitness classes!

  • An all-round class with a bit of everything
  • The best of all worlds

30 minute abs

Available at Medina and The Heights

Short class – long-lasting effects!

  • Intensive core workout
  • Beachify your stomach
  • Work hard, look and feel great!


Available at Medina and The Heights

Dedicate some Xtra time to working on your Bums, Legs and Tums!

  • Target those tough-to-tackle areas
  • Get beach-ready
  • Improve your confidence

Body Conditioning

Available at Medina and The Heights

Become a lean, mean body-conditioned machine!

  • Get a strong toned physique
  • Strength, muscular endurance and fitness
  • One of the best classes for an overall workout

Bootcamp & Circuit Training

Available at Medina

Be driven to great results in these varied, fast-moving and ultra-dynamic workouts.

  • Work every part of your body
  • Push yourself to achieve
  • A great way to keep in shape


Available at Medina

Work hard, work fast and get great, great results with High Intensity Interval Training.

  • Get fitter in less time
  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Maximum effort, maximum reward!

Hula Hoop Fitness

Available at The Heights

Hoop yourself slim! Burn calories, sculpt your body and blast that belly fat!

  • Great fun for all abilities
  • An all-over body workout
  • Improve your flexibility and coordination


Available at Medina and The Heights

Pistol squat, swing, Turkish get-up, windmill and clean and jerk your way to kettlebell fitness!

  • Works every muscle in the body
  • Improve fitness, burn calories
  • Become strong like a Russian farmer!

Step & Sculpt and Step Reebok

Available at Medina and The Heights

Step your way to superior fitness.

  • Fabulous cardiovascular workout
  • Total body exercise
  • Action-packed and fun!