Back To Work

Summer is done… it’s time to get back to work!

The Summer may or may not have drawn to an end in your hearts. Maybe you are still enjoying evenings on the beach. Maybe…..Maybe…..

But, in the same way that cricket has given way to football and tennis to rugby – the school holiday has given way to term-time.

Kids are back to School and maybe it is the perfect time for you to go BACK TO WORK(ing out) with 1Leisure!! Now is the perfect time to get into a fitness routine – there is no need to wait until the New Year, get a head start now with some of our fabulous classes and lessons.

With over 150 fitness classes between The Heights and Medina you are sure to find something new to learn. Tried Cyclone? How about Zumba, Body Conditioning or Zumba? Or perhaps Yoga, Pilates or DanceAtomic? Maybe HIIT, Fitsteps or Circuit Training?

Perhaps our Tone Zones are more your style? You can get great instruction from our team including FREE one to one sessions at any time. They are there to teach you something new so your workouts never get stale and you continue to see development. Even the most experienced Tone Zone user can learn something new so book in now for an individual session.

With Squash, our Swimming Pools and much more besides, 1Leisure is the perfect place for fitness.

Whether you are an experienced exerciser or have never been to 1Leisure before you will find our classes exciting, our instruction first class and we promise that your first day with us won’t be as daunting as the first day of school….

Download our free App for our Fitness Class timetables or call 01983 823880 for more information