Frequently asked questions

Tone Zone Gym

“I was on a Covid membership before lockdown, when will that restart?”

Your covid membership will restart automatically from 12 April.

“When will my gold one card membership restart?”

The silver/gold one card membership system will restart on 21 June. You will be contacted before this happens.

“I’m new to 1Leisure, how do I join the gym?”

If you email the site you’d like to attend with your name and contact number then a member of staff will organise an induction for you. Alternatively, you can call your chosen centre to sign up.

1Leisure Medina, Newport – 01983 823882
1Leisure The Heights, Sandown – 01983 823881
1Leisure Westridge, Ryde – 01983 823883

“Do I need to wait outside to enter the gym?”

If you arrive before your Tone Zone time slot then you must wait outside. If you arrive during the time slot then you can enter the leisure centre.


“Is the baby pool open?”

The baby pool will reopen every Sunday during family sessions.

“When will Aquacise be back?”

Aquacise classes will return on 21 June.

“Are the showers and changing rooms open?”

The changing rooms will be open from 12 April. The showers will reopen on 21 June.

“When will swimming lessons and Aquababes restart?”

Covid-safe swimming lessons will restart on Saturdays only from May 17th. We will contact you before this with more details. Aquababes will restart from May 17th.

“When is the baby pool open?”

The baby pool is open on Sundays only during family sessions.

“How do I book family sessions?”

Family sessions are booked over the phone only and paid on the day. It is £4 per adult and £2 per child. Alternatively, we have a family session offer of £10 for 4 people (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children).

Fitness Classes

“When is my favourite class coming back?”

A revised fitness timetable will return on May 17. The full fitness timetable will return 21 June.

“How do I pay for my fitness class?”

All fitness classes are booked online only. Fitness classes are £5 per class or included in the Covid card (£29.58 from May 17th).

Racket Sports

“When can I play squash with a family member or friend?”

Indoor sports like squash will return on May 17.