Whether you’re new to fitness, easing yourself back in or stuck at home due to quarantine. 1Leisure have fitness videos of all intensities available to keep you fit at home.

Low/moderate fitness video

If you’re a fitness newbie and want a slow introduction to exercise, watch our low/moderate fitness video presented by 1Leisure instructor Zoe. Short, easy but effective fitness at home!

Moderate/ high fitness video

Fancy a challenge? The 1Leisure instructors have created a challenging and powerful fitness video so you can get strong from the comfort of your own (or discomfort once you’ve completed the programme!).

Hight intensity interval training

HIIT is perfect for burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time. If you’re short on time, then then high intensity training video with 1Leisure fitness instructor Lyssa is perfect for you!

Why meditate?

It’s time to exercise your mind and relax. The advantages of meditating are endless, this video highlights our instructors favourite reasons.