There are no quick fixes in fitness. Here at 1Leisure, we are starting a new initiative which will help all of our members succeed in achieving their aims and goals. We would like to introduce you to our new 12 week fitness programme, Get Fit For.

Over the course of the 12 week programme, our members will have access to:

  • Unlimited 1-2-1 gym sessions with an instructor
  • A progressive programme designed for your personal goals
  • Nutritional advice (See Nutrition Advice for more)
  • Guaranteed results

Session 1 – week 1

Your instructor will use various measuring tools to show our members their progress/improvements at the end of the 12 week programme. These measurements include (not all testing essential):

  • Body fat percentage
  • Body measurements
  • Strength testing
  • BMI
  • Blood pressure
  • Flexibility
  • Food diary

The instructor will then design an individual exercise programme for each member to follow for a maximum of 3 weeks. Participants of the 12 week programme can book unlimited 1-2-1 sessions throughout the 12 weeks, attend any of our Fitness Classes and use any of our 3 1Leisure sites.

Session 2 – 3 weeks

Your instructor will now make any necessary alterations to your programme based on your progress so far. The member will follow this programme until the 6 week mark where all re-testing be performed.

Session 3 – 6 weeks

Based on the members results in the re-testing, a new programme will be designed to help push the member closer to their desired goals.

Session 4 – 12 weeks

1-2-1 training sessions will be offered continuously between each Get Fit For session. At the 12 week mark, your instructor will complete the final testing which will show your success and improvements.

The 12 week programme gives our members structure to their workouts and the tools they need to succeed.

By using the correct measuring tools, having a programme specifically designed for you and the support of 1Leisure instructors, you can hit your goals.