• What is progressive overload?

    What is progressive overload?

    “Progressive overload”… I’m sure you’ve heard this term mentioned a lot in recent months whether that’s training in the gym or reading online. Progressive overload is a training philosophy that 1Leisure instructors work into all 12 week programmes (free with Tone Zone membership) to ensure members achieve their end goals.

    So…what is progressive overload?

    A progressive overload approach to training involves gradually increasing the demands of the body to continually achieve them #GAINS whether that be in muscle, strength or stamina. This also works in contrast which therefore means if you lessen the demand on your body, your muscle mass will decrease.

    In simple terms, if you’re looking to get stronger then you must consistently make your body work harder than it’s used to. Now, this may sound nice and simple but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Consistency is key to building a successful training programme.  

    How do I increase the overload?

    1. INCREASE WEIGHT – Have you been lifting 30kg recently and found it too easy? Challenge your muscles and put an extra 5kg on.

      (Top tip: – The relationship between load and reps is inverse which therefore means… increase in weight = decrease in reps. At least until you’re stronger on that weight.)

    2. INCREASE REP – Another method to increase the overload is to increase the amount of repetitions you perform. Once you’ve reached your arbitrary rep range, you can keep going until fail (keeping good form).

    Ok, I still need some help!

    For more details on the different methods to increase the overload head to blogs Body Building or The Glute Guy. However, it is important that you choose a method of overload that suits your own personal goals.

    1Leisure’s level 3 fitness instructors are able to design you a 12 week programme with a progressive overload approach that suits you and your body. To sign up for a 1-2-1 (free with Tone Zone membership), please email leisureinfo@iow.gov.uk and we will design you a programme with progressive overload.

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