Everyone who joins the Tone Zones has to undertake an induction. This is for a number of reasons:

To introduce you properly to the Tone Zone so you are confident that our Tone Zones are perfect for your needs

To show you the way that our smartcards work so that you can record your progress

To prove that you are competent in using the machines safely and effectively so you get the rewards your hard work demands

But, most importantly:

To make sure that you are confident you are getting the best out of your time in the Tone Zone.

The induction is a great opportunity to discuss fitness and health goals, to highlight any issues or worries you have in the gym and to get a bespoke programme written for you to help you get where you want to be.

Our induction doesn’t have an end-date either. We know that some people have been gym members for years and years and need very little help. We don’t want to stand in their way and will get them going as quickly as possible.

However some people might need a little more help in building their confidence so our induction includes as many sessions as you require. If you feel you need extra sessions with our instructors then that is exactly what you will get. The instructors are there to make sure you are getting the experience you expect and need.


Unlike other gyms we don’t leave you there with a pat on the back and expect you to get everything right from then on. As a One Card holder you are able to continue to get your programme updated whenever you want. We are there to help every step of the way.

As part of our ongoing commitment to your health and fitness our staff are available to give you help as many times as you would like it. They are all highly qualified in their field, very approachable and always keen to help.

As a Gold Card member you can book an instructor for an hour for free to refresh your programme and reinvigorate your time in the Tone Zone. They will work with you like a personal trainer to give You can do this as often as you like.*

You can also ask them for hints, tips, advice, or demonstrations at any time. The instructors all thrive on helping people get fitter and healthier. It is their passion and it is why they are there!

*Fair usage policy applies


At 1Leisure we endeavour to cater for all disabilities. If you wish to use any of our facilities or are unsure that the facilities are suitable please contact the reception at the leisure centre you wish to visit to discuss your specific needs.

All of our sites have accessible changing areas. Medina and The Heights have accessible wetside (pool) changing rooms which include a bed and a hoist although a sling is not provided.

Medina and The Heights both have main pools with graduated steps and handrails. Along with this they have hoists for lowering a person with limited movement into the large or small pools. Please note that slings are not provided.

All of the facilities at The Heights and Westridge are on one level.

Medina is on two levels but there is a lift to access the Tone Zone and Studio 2.

All Tone Zones have wheelchair accessible equipment.