Learn to swim at 1Leisure

1Leisure offer continuous enrolment into swimming lessons so there is no need to wait – your child can begin classes immediately.
Free Parking for the duration of the lessons (get your permit from reception).
Sign up for Direct Debit for just £34.00 per month.

Why choose 1Leisure for your child’s swimming lessons?

Track Progress Online: With our Scuba Swim online portal, you can easily monitor your child’s progress and stay informed 24/7. No more guessing—just real-time updates!

Already have a membership with 1Leisure?  You can link your child’s lessons to your iSCUBA online membership profile.

Immediate Enrolment: No waiting around! Your child can start lessons right away.

Seamless Progression: When your little swimmer is ready to move up, there’s no waiting. They can seamlessly transition to the next stage without any hassle.

Swim for Just £1: If you opt for monthly direct debit payments, your child can join any casual or fun session for just £1. Splash, play, and learn without breaking the bank!

Swim England’s Learn to Swim Pathway: Our lessons follow Swim England’s trusted Learn to Swim pathway. Your child receives top-notch guidance, ensuring a fantastic learning experience.

With our 1Leisure pools at the Heights in Sandown and Medina Leisure Centre in Newport you can chose which pool is the best for you and fits in with your busy schedules.


Check the progress of your children’s swimming lessons with ScubaSwim
We know that as parents, you want to be able to follow what is happening in your child’s swimming lessons and the progress they are making – ScubaSwim makes that possible.

Our poolside iPods allow our instructors to assess your children while they are undertaking their lessons. This information is then logged to your child’s fully secure online profile. Once you have registered you can then access this profile through our secure web page to follow your child’s process.

To access ScubaSwim, Download the app:

iScuba on Google Play

iScuba on the App Store

Why you should learn to swim?

Being confident and safe in the water is one of the best ways to get the most out of living on the Isle of Wight – everybody loves a sunny day at the beach! While spending time in the water is always great fun, it has other benefits too:

Safety – By learning to swim, your child becomes equipped with water skills that can increase water safety.

Health – Swimming increases strength, endurance, flexibility and balance as well as enhancing heart and lung condition.

Fun! – Easily the main reason for teaching your child how to swim is it is fun!

More about lessons with 1Leisure

All of our swimming lessons are in line with the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway: a seven-stage comprehensive, integrated and progressive teaching programme based on technical and educational principles.

For more information about the swimming stages visit Swim England where each of the stages are described in detail.