General information


  • Adult
  • Junior
  • U4’s
  • Group Swim

A Group Swim is classed as a maximum of 4 people – extra swimmers in a group are £2.50 per person.

Booking is only required for our Aquacise classes, but please note all other sessions are run on 45 minute slots.

1leisure Medina Swimming Timetable

Download our 2022 1Leisure Medina swimming timetable.

1leisure The Heights Swimming Timetable

Download our 2022 1Leisure The Heights swimming timetable.

*Updated 20/07/22

1leisure Medina Holiday Swimming Timetable

Download 1Leisure Medina Holiday swimming timetable for Summer 22.

1leisure The Heights Holiday Swimming Timetable

Download 1Leisure The Heights Holiday swimming timetable for Summer 22.

Public access and school swimming

Both swimming pools and pool changing rooms will be closed to members of the public when school swimming takes place; please check the pool programmes for these times. Children eight and over must use the correct changing room for their gender. If you have any special requirements please speak to the duty manager.

Lane swimming

For competent swimmers only. Slow, medium and fast lanes at all lane swimming sessions. Lane swimming can be booked online or via telephone.

Pool admission guidelines (adult to child ratios)

A responsible adult, aged at least 16 years or over, should accompany all children under the age of eight into the swimming pool and maintain a constant watch over the children for whom they are responsible. They are required to stay in the water with the children at all times and keep close contact with those children who are weak or non-swimmers. One adult can be responsible for:

Main pool

  • Two children aged 4 to 7 years old, or;
  • One child under 4 years old

Small pool

  • Three children aged 4 to 7 years old, or;
  • Two children under 8, where one or more may be under 4 years old.

Please note that these ratios are dependent on all non-swimming children wearing armbands or other buoyancy aids. We recommend that these armbands or buoyancy aids are approved to British or European Standards. All of the specified ratios are in accordance with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) guidelines. Children eight and over must use the correct changing room for their gender. If you have any special requirements please speak to the duty manager.

Classes and lessons

Swimfit is all about getting results and helping you achieve your goal!

Whether that’s to lose weight, to tone, to improve technique or just become fitter and stronger. It is a fun and effective way to get those results you want. So why not join a Swimfit session delivered by a qualified instructor or pick up an Active session card from reception, and see for yourself why swimmers all over the country are choosing Swimfit.

Hit the lanes with Swimfit and you won’t want to take a dip without it. Lane swimming has been transformed, with added structure to motivate you to go further in the pool. Offering you expert poolside support, you can be assured of getting the ultimate swim every time.

  • Included when you buy a Gold or  Silver One Card
  • Non card holders Cost £ 4.60

Cards are available from reception during all public swim sessions.

To find out more about Swimfit at 1Leisure please call us on 01982 823880. For more information about Swimfit please visit

You’re never too old to learn to swim or to enjoy the sense of achievement experienced by learning a new skill, and the exhilaration experienced by taking those first few strokes.

Swimming has other very positive benefits. The ASA believes that swimming can offer a sense of mental wellbeing, something which cannot be easily measured but is anecdotally mentioned by thousands of participant.

Swimming clears the mind, encourages positivity in individuals and builds a sense of self-worth that is not truly calculable.

Adult swimming lessons also offer fabulous opportunities to socialise, and a great way to meet new friends.

Run as a course of lessons, booking essential

For more information about Adult Swimming Lessons at 1Leisure please call 01983 823880

1Leisure offer continuous enrolment into swimming lessons so there is no need to wait – your child can begin classes immediately.

Free Parking for the duration of the lessons (get your permit from reception).

Sign up for Direct Debit for just £26.50 per month and your child will also get casual swimming for just £1.

Why learn to swim?

Being confident and safe in the water is one of the best ways to get the most out of living on the Isle of Wight – everybody loves a sunny day at the beach!

While spending time in the water is always great fun, it has other benefits too:

  • Safety – By learning to swim, your child becomes equipped with water skills that can increase water safety.
  • Health – Swimming increases strength, endurance, flexibility and balance as well as enhancing heart and lung condition.
  • Fun! – Easily the main reason for teaching your child how to swim is it is fun!

Our lessons

All of our swimming lessons are in line with the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway: a ten-stage comprehensive, integrated and progressive teaching programme based on technical and educational principles.

For more information about the swimming stages visit where each of the stages are described in detail.


We know that you want to be able to follow what is happening in swimming lessons – ClaritySwim makes that possible.

Our poolside iPods allow our instructors to assess your children while they are undertaking their lessons. This information is then logged to your child’s fully secure online profile. Once you have registered you can then access this profile through our secure web page to follow your child’s process.

  • Aquacise

    Available at Medina and The Heights


    Whether working your way back into exercise after injury or looking for a class that is easier on the joints, these classes are a mix of strength, cardio and flotation exercises perfect for you.

    • Fully trained instructors
    • A stepping stone to other classes
    • A fun, safe and supportive environment

    How fit do I need to be?

    You can push yourself as hard as you like in Aquacise. Beginners right through to hardcore fitness fans will all get a great workout

    What to bring?

    Swimwear is essential.


    The extra buoyancy that the water provides help to support your weight and the exercises are specifically designed to prevent overstraining of joints and ligaments.


    • Gold One Card
    • Silver One Card
    • Adult
    • Junior
  • Aqua Babes

    Available at Medina and The Heights
    Aqua Babes


    Aqua Babes is suitable from birth to four years although it is advisable that babies have had their inoculations. Through a mixture of free and structured play, our qualified teachers will help your baby develop motor skills in a friendly, safe environment.

    How fit do I need to be?

    These sessions do not rely on a person’s fitness.

    What to bring?

    All babies must wear swim nappies (available from reception).


    • Gold One Card
    • Silver One Card
    • Adult and baby
    • Additional child
    • Additional adult


    By learning through play your baby will become more confident in water as you build towards better water safety. As you go through, our teachers are always happy to answer any questions you have.

    • Help children feel safe in the water
    • A stepping stone to swimming lessons
    • Have fun in the water